Who will win the war between Carlos Slims’ blog (NYT) and Mike Cernovich? It is a war, make no mistake, and I’ll quote them directly.

As Mike Cernovich, a Twitter star, alt-right news provocateur and promoter of Clinton health conspiracies, boasted in last week’s New Yorker, “Someone like me is perceived as the new Fourth Estate.” His content can live alongside that of The Times or The Boston Globe or The Washington Post on the Facebook newsfeed and be just as well read, if not more so. On Saturday he called on a President Trump to disband the White House press corps.

Jeff Bezos’ bloggers (WaPo) are mad at me, too.

On one side you have several multi-billion-dollar corporations.

On the other side you have The People.

The smart money is on us!

The media is a social construct. Their legitimacy comes from our consent. We may take away this consent any day, as millions already have.

Join us.