There is a potential factual error in MAGA Mindset, and since the book has my name on it, then it’s my fault regardless of how the error made its way in there.

Apparently there’s a story in there about Trump supporters having their car vandalized, and that particular story may have been a prank video. This is the story (confirmed by a police report along with a full confession) that was supposed to appear in MAGA Mindset:


Trump Supporter has Tire Slashed, Car Vandalized by BernieBro (Police Report)

The Kindle version was updated immediately as were the paperback and hardcover versions.

The Media section of MAGA Mindset shows media bias by demonstrating that violence against Trump supporters goes unreported or is downplayed. Meanwhile a mean Tweet from a troll directed at Hillary supporters is on the news 24/7.

Here are proven examples of Trump supporters having their cars vandalized:

Trump supporters have also been physically assaulted, and two women appeared in court for battery after they attacked Trump supporters.


Yes, the media is covering up violent and sometimes terrorist attacks committed by Hillary supporters.

In a sense there is a, “The example may have been incorrect, but the sentiment is true,” line of argument to make. I’m not going to get all lawyerly on this. I hate that bullshit when other people do it. If my name is on a product, then I own the consequences fully.

If you purchased MAGA Mindset in a paperback version with a factual error in it, email Shauna.Danger at gmail with a copy of your receipt. We will PayPal you the purchase price of the book.

The error was corrected quickly, so it shouldn’t be an issue for 90% of you.

That said, it’s important for me to flag it. Reader trust is everything to me.

I have also put in systems in place to avoid future errors like this.