Best-selling author and Gawker slayer Peter Thiel today appeared at the National Press Club to face a hostile onslaught of questions from members of the hoaxing media. No friend to free speech, NPC forbids people they disagree with from attending their functions. NPC invited Thiel to attend for the page views, and not because of the principle.

The hoaxing media hates Thiel because he funded a lawsuit against Gawker, a website that trafficked in revenge pornography and aspired to become a pedophile website, with Gawker editor A.J. Daulerio saying in a deposition that he would post a video of a child having sex, as long as the child was over 4 years of age.

Jack Posobiec, who attended the event, noted, “The members of the press were sneering the entire time.” Posobiec also thought it was telling that no one was live streaming the event, “Mainstream journalists won’t give people an unfilitered message. They were spinning the speech rather than showing it to people live.”

Another attendee who wishes to remain anonymous said, “I smiled during one part of the speech. The people sitting next to me looked over to sneer.”

Thiel is the target of online hate mobs because he supports Trump’s vision of a peaceful and prosperious nation for all Americans. Today America is rigged for people living in D.C., NYC, and Silicon Valley.

Undaunted, Thiel exposed the left’s many lies, including the diversity lie.

“If you don’t conform, then you don’t count as ‘diverse,’ no matter what your personal background.”



You can watch his full speech here.