One of the biggest media hoaxes about me is that I don’t earn any money as an author. This myth spreads because almost no one with a “book deal” makes any money, as corrupt publishing houses exploit them. Also most “writers” are cogs in a corporate machine. They have nothing interesting or useful to say. They parrot their DNC-directed talking points.

Since I am working on a book about building an online business, then it’s only ethical for me to break my usual habit of saying, “My book earnings are none of your business.”

Here are September 2016’s book royalties for Gorilla Mindset and only Gorilla Mindset (my other two books are doing nicely as well, thanks very much):

  • Paperback – $7,530
  • Audio – $4,280
  • Kindle – $7,000 (ish)


If my math skills don’t fail me, that’s $18,810 a month from Gorilla Mindset alone. (I also have legal income and other income, but that’s not anyone’s business.)


September 2016 was not my best month. July 2015 royalties (well before I got into this Trump stuff) for the Kindle version of Gorilla Mindset was $13,000. The paperback did around $5,500 and the audio did $3,500.


Those who falsely accuse me of “cashing in on the Trump fad” have no idea how my business works.

This election has cost me money. I’ve spent at least 2,000 hours working to save Western civilization. If I had spent that time building my mindset business, Gorilla Mindset would be bigger than 4 Hour Workweek.

  • Reality: Most public figures can’t admit to reading Gorilla Mindset, as my activism makes me too controversial to openly associate with me. That’s why the many professional athletes, celebrities, and Wall Street and venture capitalists never recommend Gorilla Mindset, even though it’s the best mindset book ever written.

My haters are in a weird place. They want to say I “live off of my ex-wife.” My success triggers them.

And as far as the hatred goes, perhaps people should consider the following…..

Somehow I’ve been smart enough to earn so much money selling books as an independent author that people literally don’t believe me. Succeeding as an author is nearly impossible, and I’m in the top 1%. This doesn’t magically happen to dead beats or losers.

I’ve also build a massive Twitter profile (150 million impressions in October), a huge blog, a big podcast, and etc.

My haters meanwhile have tiny Twitter accounts, no Periscope with nearly 9 million likes, and they certainly aren’t selling books.

Periscope.TV/Cernovich – VIP


That’s what you call a track record of success. People who listen to me succeed. People who don’t fail.

Read my books to learn how to be a winner.