My relationship with Twitter and their video-streaming Periscope is complicated. I love the products, but Twitter has been run like Jack Dorsey’s hard left Super PAC rather than as a business that cares about users. No one in Twitter will listen to this, but when the shareholder lawsuit is invariably brought, at least shareholders will have evidence of how badly they are being ripped off.

Since I love Twitter, here is how it can be saved.

(28 days of Twitter, yes I understand Twitter better than 99% of people who work there.)


The biggest problem of Twitter isn’t “harassment,” it’s silence.

High profile Twitter users, many of whom are celebrities, live in bubbles where everyone sucks up to them. Twitter gives the masses access to celebrities, and thus celebrities cry about harassment. Nonsense.

The biggest problem with Twitter can be seen by comparing it to an online message forum. If you post a comment to a message forum, people reply. Twitter is a wasteland until you’ve build up a following.

Twitter is great if you want to only read what others have to say. If you have something to say yourself, it’s hard to build a following.

How can this be fixed? Beats me, but remember that business is focus. When everyone is focusing on “harassment,” they aren’t focusing on other issues such as the ones I mention.

A Quick Note on “Harassment.”

Everyone on Twitter is able to change their notifications from “see notifications from everyone” to “see replies only from people I follow.”

Most of what people consider harassment occurs as such:

  • Celeb runs a search for their name on Twitter.
  • Celeb sees mean things being said.
  • Celeb cries!

If people stopped name searching themselves and only read notifications from people they follow, 99% of “harassment” would be over.

Most people lie about harassment or exaggerate it. Here’s proof.

A “herpes activist” (her words, not mine) recently said, “Mike Cernovich has tweeted about me at least three times to his 91,000 Twitter followers.”

I had no idea who this was. The Tweet she complained of was from September 2015, when I had around 10,000 followers (so she already lied about the scope of whatever she claimed I did).

I didn’t Tweet at her, didn’t include her name, didn’t even link to the article. I screen capped a blog she wrote at Buzzfeed.

Much of what’s considered “harassment” online never happens at all or is exaggerated.

Give everyone the features of “Verified status.”

When you make a Tweet, you receive “notifications,” which tell you who is RT, favoriting, and @-replying to you. As your account grows, your notifications become too much to handle.

With Twitter verified, you are able to sort your notifications and @ replies. I am more interested in seeing who is replying to me rather than watching the wall of notifications build up.

Everyone should be able to similarly sort their Twitter profile accordingly.

Twitter notifications.27 PM

Record HD videos while I Periscope.

Periscope is a live-video streaming service. It is amazing for covering live news, as you simply turn on the app and you are live. There’s a huge problem, however.

The video that is saved to your iPhone is the pixilated version that you streamed live.

Covering live events, as I did at the RNC and DNC, is a deal with the devil. If I Periscope the events, viewers get the live experience, but I can’t have HD videos to upload later to YouTube.

When I click “Broadcast” on Periscope, my phone’s video recorder should be engaged, thus giving me the benefit of streaming live while recording HD quality video.

Charge media companies a subscription fee or create a platinum, sub-based tier.

I pay for my email list and my Lead Pages and I would pay $999 a month for Twitter Premium.

Here are some basic features that should be offered.

There are more ways to save Twitter, but right now the company is being run by rabid SJWs who don’t care about users.

Baby steps.

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