The latest fake news about Cernovich is that I’m part of the alt-right or a leader of the alt-right. This would be alt-wrong.

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t enjoy talking about myself, but since fake news media “journalists” continue to obsess over me and to lie about me, there’s no other choice.

1. My only membership is in Gorilla Mindset and Cernovich Media.

I do work better than Pulitzer, and have exposed media hoaxes ranging from the “refugee” crisis to Michelle Fields. My work is in journalism, and I tell the truth about people and groups. The media has lied about the alt-right, and thus I have covered it as a journalist.

My primary source is income is from Gorilla Mindset.

Here’s how my business model works:

  • I break a hot story (on my own dime, or via reader contributions).
  • Story goes viral.
  • People learn about me.
  • They buy Gorilla Mindset
  • Their own lives improve in ways they had never imagined.

I don’t earn a salary for my journalism, and all reader contributions cover my hard costs, or go towards projects like commissioning a Ben Garrison original work.

Sick Hillary Health

I even waive the copyright on my journalistic work and Periscopes.

I do my best to put 100% of all reader contributions back into our micro economy by paying people who are on the right side of history for their work.

Silenced, my film on free speech, is also being crowd-funded, and I waived any salary or producer’s fee.

The Red Pill, which I’m an associate producer on, raised $10,000 from me directly and many times more than due to the publicity I gave it.

In other words, without Gorilla Mindset you don’t have Cernovich Media.

(I sold crazy amounts of Gorilla Mindset before ever doing journalism, and can always go back to doing mindset work 100% of the time.)

2. I don’t join movements, as that leads to gossip and drama.

Far too many in alt-right are obsessed with who is “real” and who can be a “member.”

Nearly every day several people ask me “hard questions,” which they claim I’m “afraid to answer,” when really they are too stupid to be allowed to talk to me.

Far too many alt-right conversations are more fitting for E! or People.

3. The alt-right cries about people who want to actually make a living.

The alt-right has more intellectual firepower than any other political organization. Yet the minute someone writes a book or does a crowd fund, people cry about “shills.” Again, the alt-right is too obsessed with gossip and drama for my tastes.

The alt-right should be actively funding documentaries about it and supporting people who get the message out. Yet where are the films? Where are the books? It costs money to create art and to do journalism. Reality.

4. When I think of the alt-right, names like RamZPaul, Richard Spencer, and Jared Taylor come to mind.

Ask them rather than me about what the alt-right stands for.

5. People think I’m alt-right because I will never disavow people.

When people say, “So-and-so is racist,” I don’t disavow that person.

That is gossip and drama. Who cares if someone is racist? Intellectuals debate ideas rather than cluck like hens.

Vox Day for example is editing one of my books. I don’t sift through his blog and care about what he says and I don’t respond to people who point out stuff he’s written. Take that crap to the gossip girls – or, even better, get a life.

6. People think I’m alt-right because no ideas are off limits with me. Ask any question, I don’t care.

  • Do you think there are racial differences in IQ?
  • Do you believe global warming is real? 
  • Should women be allowed to vote?
  • Is cucking the “thinking man’s fetish”?
  • Can jet fuel melt steel beams?
  • Does God exist?
  • Are there racial or ethnic groups who seem to care more about their “homeland” than they do the United States, where they are citizens?
  • Is it hopeless to expect immigrants to see themselves as Americans first?

Happy to read and think about those issues. There should be open debates in every classroom about them, as those questions go to the very concept of what a nation is.

No one is a “bad person” for disagreeing. We all have different thought processes and filters on reality.

7. People think I’m alt-right because I don’t judge others for “bad think.”

I’d rather know a “racist” who treats people with respect than a hypocritical SJW who talks about “white guilt” while treating others like crap.

Also why does Tim Cook take money from Saudi Arabia?

8. Here is a list of my policy preferences.


9. The alt-right and I share interests (intellectual and personal).

Who you allow into your country dictates the nature of the country.

If you allow in more Nigerians, then Nigerians are less likely to become Americans than America is to become Nigeria. Do you want America to be more like Nigeria? If so, then explicitly state this, make your arguments, and persuade other people.

Can America continue to exist as a Western nation without Christians and Europeans? This is a fair conversation to have, just as people discuss whether Israel can exist without Jews.

  • There is even an act of Congress declaring that Israel shall remain a Jewish nation.

We should be having an open discussion about what it means to have a nation, and who should be allowed into our nation.

We should ask why the Department of Homeland Security is putting out the red carpet for refugees rather than doing it’s job of protecting America from terrorism.

10. I’ll “fight” with the alt-right when the right wins something for once.

I have my disagreements with the alt-right, but let’s get a win for the right in America before hashing it all out.

The current attitude on the right is to fight with your own side rather than to give leftists hell. Under that model of politics, men are losing due process rights, the suicide of whites is at a record high, and there are several Islamic terrorist attacks on American soil.

Until the right wins for once, I have no interest in arguing with the alt-right or disavowing anyone. Once the right has some actual power, then it will be time to have an ideological civil war.

Until then, nah.

Besides, the entire fake news media – funded by billionaire Mexican monopolists like Carlos Slim/NYT – is at war with the alt-right. What value would I add by joining that fight?

No, Mike Cernovich is not part of the alt-right.

If you care what I think, then you should read Gorilla Mindset.

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