Polls showing Hillary are “up” are unreliable, because they do not reflect the lack of enthusiasm people supporting Hillary have. A poll is like a New Years Resolution. Yes, people will tell you they are going to do all sorts of things – lose weight, save more money, read more books, and vote for Hillary Clinton.

The reason most people never take action is because they lack motivation. They can’t see why their lives will improve if they take action. There’s no motivation.

Answering a poll is simple. When a person answers a poll (who answers a landline phone showing an unrecognized number in the first place?), they are saying what they “would” do. What you’ll say you will do and what you will actually do is a massive gap.

Who is inspired to vote for Hillary? What’s their motivation?

I have been to the DNC and talked to hundreds – perhaps thousands – of registered Democrats. “Yeah I guess I’ll back her,” is what 40% have said.

The other 60% are not voting at all or they are voting for Trump.

When it comes time to vote, imagine what can happen:

  • You don’t want to leave work at lunch,
  • You get into a fight with your wife on the way to the polls,
  • A hot new thing wants to meet up,
  • The car won’t start,
  • The baby is crying and needs fed,
  • It’s too cold outside,
  • Etc.

How many of Hillary’s supporters are going to overcome those obstacles to vote for her? Without a high degree of motivation, they simply won’t bother to vote.

These issues matter to me, because my actual business (journalism is a joke money wise) is mindset and motivation. My entire business is based on finding ways to get people to change their lives for the better, and also to sell books.

(People don’t think of it that way. Yes I must motivate people to change their lives, and this means motivating people to buy books, which is really hard to do.)

Some will say the polls are right and that my expertise in mindset and motivation doesn’t qualify me to talk about polls.
Those people would be morons.

Here is what Nate Silver said about Trump’s chances of winning the primary:

Nate Silver 538 Trump prediction

Meanwhile, over a year ago I said Trump would win the primary. My insights were based on my expertise in mindset and motivation, not “polls” and “punditry.”

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What tipped him off: “I knew Trump would do well because I read his books and had only watched a couple of episodes of The Apprentice over 10 years ago,” Cernovich said in an email. “I didn’t have the same biases on Trump that others had. I read his books and saw a man who had a strong mindset, a track record of succeeding, and who would make strong and sometimes offensive comments as a way to get media attention.“

He went on: “Culturally, people were tired of politically correct culture. We live in an age of micro aggressions where people are deemed racist or sexist of phobic for making one wrong tweet. There will always be a counter-culture, and Trump, with his take no prisoners style of commentary, is that counter-culture.”

Also: “Trump … has the ‘strong father’ masculine energy. Consider how his family members all live (opulent wealth aside) normal lives. They have families. The children and grandchildren have avoided the Kim Kardashian style drama common these days. Trump must’ve been an extraordinary father to have raised well-adjusted kids.”

Mike Cernovich – 1, Nate Silver 0.

No one is motivated to vote for Hillary.

Without motivation, you don’t have action.

The polls mean nothing and I don’t care about them.

Unless you predicted Trump would win the primary (and can post proof), then I don’t care what you think about these polls. You can go talk to Nate Silver about how, “The math doesn’t work.”

Meanwhile I have the stats that entire media companies don’t have, and I’m one man.

I know where the trends are going, and I know people.

There is zero motivation to vote for sick Hillary Clinton. Expect record numbers of voters to stay home on election day.

Meanwhile people are hyped for Trump. Expect a record turnout for him.

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