Most people sit around waiting for life to happen, and then they wonder, “What happened?” The truth is that to get what you want out of life, you need to be more audacious. I’ll give you the perfect example.

I was doing highly-popular Periscopes during the DNC. Someone who wanted to meet me to promote some of her work went and kept looking for me. Eventually she found me and gave me (I kid you not) some of her animation mix tapes.

Some might find it creepy to be tracked down by people, and sure that’s true in the dating context. In business, you should be stalking the people you want to meet.

Make people tell you no rather than rejecting yourself before even trying.

Anyhow, I met her, she was great, and since then I’ve promoted her heavily, even recently hiring her to do some freelance work. I’ve also introduced her to other people. Maybe tracking me down will end up being a huge inflection point for her life.

She ended up on the Gavin McInnes Show.

While there she trolled some protesters and even got a nice write-up in Breitbart.

Emily even cucked Nick Denton live on video.

Meanwhile people email me day in and day out for advice on what they should do. I don’t answer those emails, because those people aren’t going to do anything. It’s a waste of my time.

People skip my happy hours and then get mad when I don’t rearrange my schedule to meet them.

Some people even complain that I don’t write enough “motivation” articles.

There are people finding out what I’m doing and stalking me to find me.

I did the same thing when younger.

Life really is that simple when you live with audacity.