In our fallen world we must often watch the wicked prosper in the short-term, but sometimes the good guys win, or in the case of Michelle Fields – sometimes the wicked witch loses. Media hoaxer Michelle Fields has had one can only be called a complete failure of a book launch.

Fields launch has been such a failure that I don’t even worry about giving her free publicity by writing about her. Her brand is garbage and no one will buy what she is selling.

Released on June 21st, Fields book has a Kindle sales rank of 28,211. The Kindle sale rank means there are 28,000+ books on Kindle that sell more than Fields’. If you have a book’s sales rank, you can estimate total copies sold.

A Kindle sales rank in the 28,000 range means Michelle Fields is selling 10-15 copies of her book via Kindle. This is terrible. UPDATE: One day later and Fields book has fallen to a sales rank of 40,000, which means she’s selling 3 books a day.

Gorilla Mindset hit a sales rank of 603 on its launch day, and it was my first book and I’ve never been on TV or hoaxed the world for free publicity.

Today Gorilla Mindset, which is approaching its one-year anniversary, has a sales rank of 5,196. Yesterday excited readers purchased 59 copies of Gorilla Mindset via Kindle, as you can see of the screen shot of my book sales below.

Gorilla Mindset sales rank.40 AM

Michelle Fields, even with all of the TV coverage and media hoaxing, can’t sell more books during her book launch than I sell on a regular day.

She tried ruining an innocent man’s life, and now her professional life is over. (Her co-conspirator Ben Shapiro has seen his once-promising writing career tank, due to his support of the hoax.)

Watch her humiliate herself on TV while trying to shill her crappy book.

Sometimes the bad guys lose.

To support the winning team, read Gorilla Mindset today. It sells well and has 341 reviews.

Gorilla Mindset amazon reviews.44 AM