Twitter has banned from its search feature. What do I mean and why did they do it?

If you enter a web address into Twitter, you can see who is linking to your site. This is useful to me as it shows which articles are popular, and also I like to RT people who link to me.

Several people link to me a day, and often it’s too many to RT them all.

Go into the Search box on Twitter, type in, and click on the LIVE tab.

Yet when I run a search for, this is what shows up.

Now go run a search for any other website and you’ll see that when people on Twitter share a link, it shows up in the search.

UPDATE: A few minutes after this article appeared, the problem was fixed

Some will say this is a “glitch,” just as it was a “glitch” that Apple removed Gorilla Mindset from its book store, over six months after it was approved for sale, because my name wasn’t “formatted correctly.”

And just like my podcast was removed from iTunes for no reason, and then put back up for no reason.

I guess someone within Twitter is mad that I’m winning Twitter. In May my Tweets have received over 41 million views and my profile has been visited almost 2 million times.

Cernovich Twitter stats.43 PM

Blah, blah, blah private companies can censor all they like. Sure.

And I, as a private citizen, can hire private investigators to look into the private lives of people who want to fuck with me, and I as a private citizen can share those results with the world.

People can play the “social consequences of speech” game with me by censoring my sites and books, and I can play the social consequences of speech game by investigating people and revealing details from their private lives, as is legally allowed under state law and the First Amendment.

Is this the game people want to play?

If people ban me and censor my site, what incentive do I have for being nice?