There are many ways to use social media, and I use Twitter as talk radio. I used a mental model (read this article on mental models) to guide my social media efforts.

Under traditional rules of media, you never let a hater mock you on air. That’s bad for your brand. People who enjoy talk radio – and my Twitter show – love my interactions with haters.

Talk radio is unique in all of media in that you’re give a “pass” to promote yourself, because the show is build around your personal brand. This is why talk radio show hosts outsell every other author, and why I outsell 99% of news anchors and “journalists.”

Frequent RTs are reader calls. Comments from listeners and readers are valuable. It astounds me that websites are closing comments and that media people block followers for simply disagreeing with them.

Thus my Twitter is a combination of news links, original commentary, my own reporting, and reader calls and shit talk.

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Can everyone run Twitter like I do? That’s not the point.
THINK: Mental models.

My Twitter is a sensation and is unlike anything else on the Internet.

Naval Ravikant is as much as a tech/Vc insider as you’ll find, and he’s understanding the future of Twitter.

Yet I didn’t create my Twitter out of thin air. I used my understanding of other aspects of the world (talk radio, gender dynamics, free speech) to create a new platform.

In life, find what works and use that model in a new way.

Run A/B tests rather than guess. People called my social media strategy crazy, and it’s all data-tested.

 What you’ll hear when you start something new.

“You’re crazy.”

I got that when my Twitter had 45 followers, and then 4,000 followers…and now I don’t hear that as much.

Visionaries see farther than others see. You’ll always seem crazy to the blind.

Now of course it’s possible your new idea sucks, and there’s a relevant saying from finance, “The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.”

Maybe your idea is so great that it’s 10 years ahead of the game, and you can only afford to run the idea for 5 years before going broke.

Who knows?

When you start a new venture it’s probably a good sign to hear people call you crazy.

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