I had a launch planned for the Gorilla Mindset video course, but I’m too busy to sell it. I hate the idea of doing nothing with the course (especially since it cost me a lot of money to pay a film maker to video and edit it), so I’m going to release the audio version of the course today.

You can decide if you want to pay for the audio course or not.

The audio version of the course (we stripped out the MP3 from the videos) is available for listening here.

Isn’t giving away the course crazy? Sure, maybe, but I trust you.

I don’t go through life paranoid of scammers. I’ve never sent a DMCA to any of the thousands of sites torrenting Gorilla Mindset. People are going to steal, sure, but why focus on thieves?

Life is always about focus. I know people who obsess over catching thieves and saving a penny. I’d rather spend my time dreaming up new ideas.

As this post shows, I have too many ways to make money. I don’t even have time to launch a course that I paid to have produced.

Moreover, you can steal the course anyway. I wasn’t born yesterday. I know that you know how to pirate content.

Thieves by nature have a scarcity mindset.
I’d rather someone steal my work than buy it and then cry.
Gorilla Mindset’s message is lost on them.

I focus on those who want to add value to their lives. Like-minded people want to give back.

Is the Gorilla Mindset course a repeat of Gorilla Mindset?

Don’t ask me. Decide for yourself. Try before you buy.

If you listen to the audio course and think it’s a repeat of Gorilla Mindset, don’t pay anything. If you think the audio course is cool, then pay what you think it’s worth.

But listen to the course before you pay.

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