Through the power of free speech and social media, I forced the entire media establishment to back away from a hoax. Yesterday you’ll remember that a hot story had surfaced. There was a hate crime!

Every “journalist” used that headline, and SJW groups were already waiting to rush to the media to talk about this latest bias crime.

After I went through the son’s social media, I reported there was more to the story. The son was a drug user, unstable, and perhaps even killed his own mother before being shot dead by his father.

Compare yesterday’s coverage with today’s.


Advocates in the LGBT community described the incident as “gut wrenching” and a reminder that “the LGBT community face not only abandonment but also abuse for being open about our sexual orientation or gender identity,” said Jim Key, spokesman for the Los Angeles LGBT Center.


There were a number of signs that Amir Issa’s killing was not a simple story of a father acting out of murderous rage that his son was gay.

The media supports censorship because we destroy their hoaxes.

“Journalists” are fascists are heart. They want a state-controlled media with themselves acting as the government-approved journalists.

When I come along and destroy a hoax, I receive readers that “journalists” want.

Through the power of the free market (readers decide for themselves who to trust) and free speech (my blog and powerful Twitter account), we are able to stop media hoaxes before they gain traction.

Now you understand why “journalists” talk about the need to close comments and censor “hate speech.” We are forcing them to conduct honest reporting rather than spread hoaxes, and this must be stopped.

Other hoaxes I’ve busted:

The media will continue to lie about us as we pose a great threat to them, which is why we must fight for free speech.

P.S. Dear “journalists”:

Keep copying my stories without credit. Yes that is plagiarism, an academic and journalistic sin, but you are revolting people. Let’s not pretend you have morals.

I care less about credit and more about revealing the truth.

You should read Gorilla Mindset to better understand how to do real journalism.