(This article remained in draft form on March 9th, and I didn’t finish it. Now that Rubio has dropped out of the race, it’s worth reading, even in unfinished form.)

You’d think comparative advantage would be mainstream knowledge, and yet $1,000/hr political consults do not seem  understand this basic man knowledge: Never play another man’s game.

As one of only a few people to predict the rise of Trump, I of course was able to predict that Rubio would lose support after his recent GOP debate – where he tried wise cracking and playing a tough guy like Trump.

Rubio lost what little momentum he had, with Ted Cruz skimming off his supporters. What happened?

Never play another man’s game.

You’re not going to out Trump Trump. Trump gets the alpha male pass for vulgar jokes and other crude comments. It’s a law of nature. Just as handsome older women like Megyn Kelly get unearned news anchor spots and are perceived as more intelligent than they are (halo effect), Trump gets to say things other people can’t say.

Marco is soft. If he wants to beat Trump, he has to show how he’s different but better. By making jokes about Trump’s hands, Rubio made a direct comparison between himself and Trump. Rubio lost a lot of supporters, which I could predicted.

(I’m not going to tell you how Rubio could force Trump to play his game. Rubio has spent $100 million on consultants and ads. He can write me a check for that information.)

Why do you think Trump won’t debate policy with Cruz? Trump would lose that debate because it would create a direct comparison between Cruz and Trump. Playing another man’s game is suicide.

The world is about niches.

People ask my why I do what I do on Twitter. The only reason my antics seem “off” is because you’re comparing me to others in my genre. You have a vision based on how I am supposed to act. That vision is based on how others act.

What good would it do me to act like everyone else?

But there is no one else like me online. I’m more than a troll. I combine a unique blend of mindset, masculinity and trolling with a nuanced discussion of sensitive issues.

If I played Mr. Reasonable, I’d be another fungible good. There are hundreds of other people saying the same stuff as everyone else. Why join a conversation only to be like everyone else?

If I played up the Mr. Self Help Guru game, I’d have to get Botox like Tony Robbins and pretend to like people in order to take their money. I’d rather call out assholes than kiss up to them for cash.

You gotta play your own game.

How can you find that game? As cliche as it sounds, you must first find yourself.

I’ve always had a big mouth and little regard for authority. That is who I am.