Those who want to understand the future should learn from the present. Feminism in Sweden has had a head start. In Sweden political leaders openly explain why they hate men. In the U.S., political candidates still keep this bigotry to themselves.

Make no mistake, this is what every major left-wing (and even many right wing) candidate believes.

Hi Mike!

As we both know there is a War on Men and i would like to give you a glimpse from the front lines here in Sweden. As you maybe know, we men are losing most battles here in Sweden and here is the latest example. This text is from a woman that was named the youth hero of the year 2014 by the biggest newspaper in Sweden (Aftonbladet).She is also a representative for the youth party (SSU) of the governing party in Sweden. After this text the party condemned the text but she is still allowed to represent the party.

I will give you my translation of the text and I’ll try to keep as unaltered as possible

marwa Karim manhater.46 PM

“The day you men stop raping is the day I’ll stop hating you.

The debater: The day you stop raping i will stop being a manhater. But until then I am a proud manhater. For you are disgusting creatures who lives on our earth.

The day you “men” keep your dick in control and not rape women.

The day you “men” back away and let us women be seen and heard more.

The day you “men” stop using the woman’s body as a toy.

The day you “men” stop taking to much space, to often.

The day you “men” start acting like real men

The day you “men” start to think if it is manly enough to pee on another human being instead of the toilet.

The day you “men” stand up for women’s rights.

The day you “men” stand up and call yourself feminist

That day I will stop being a manhater. But until then I am a proud manhater. Because you are disgusting creatures living on our earth.

Ps. If you comment that “NOT ALL MEN ARE LIKE THAT”, go ahead and bring out your napkins and cry alone because you guys are disgusting and I don’t really care about your crocodile tears. I know that not all men are like this, but if you get upset and don’t realize the facts what i mean by this text, it is not my fault.