New York Times best selling author and sports writer Jeff Pearlman and I had a long talk about life, mindset, and this presidential election. Pearlman interviewed me for his The Quaz feature.

The Quaz exists not to support my views or reinforce my views, but to engage with interesting people who think in different ways.

Or, put different, I don’t agree with Mike Cernovich on much. He’s just not my type of ponderer. I’ve read through his writings, watched some of his videos, and, well, no. Just not me. But until we stop only listening to people who parrot our ideals, and start engaging with those who offer varying viewpoints, we’ll forever be stuck in this realm of close-minded conformity and ignorance and denial.

So, yeah, Mike Cernovich—author and motivator—sees a war on men where I don’t. And yeah, Mike wants Donald Trump as the 45th president (I consider this an absolute nightmare) and has viewpoints on women that I don’t quite share. But he’s fascinating and unique and prolific and an admirer of Las Vegas and Frank Sinatra.

You can read the full interview here.