For years members of the media and political “experts” claimed I was part of a marginal movement, although I saw something no one else did, namely my analytics. I’ve been part of a movement to restore both American men and America to greatness. While media experts attacked me, my own influence grew. Journalists eventually put me on a black list, as attacking me only allowed other marginalized Americans to realize they were not alone.

I knew if someone spoke with the same force as myself, he or she could be elected to the presidency. Yet none of my friends who occupied high level positions in major Republican circles would listen to me. They considered me part of an irrelevant fringe movement. This made no sense to me, as my book sales exceeded those of people who host their own shows on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC.

When Trump announced his candidacy, I started paying attention to him. I had never watched more than a few episodes of the Apprentice while in law school in 2005. Thus I had no biases. I was able to study the remarkable man and his skills.

When people called Trump a “reality TV star,” I realized they were fools and knaves. Trump was not only a reality TV star. He was a best-selling author, billionaire real estate investor, and strong father. (How many men occupying Trump’s station in life have raised great kids who managed to stay out of the headlines?)

Thus in late July and early August I called the election for Donald Trump. Everyone called me crazy, as only one other person in the world (Scott Adams, of Dilbert fame although he is far more than “just a comic strip writer”) and Ann Coulter made a similar prediction.

In hindsight, my prediction seemed obvious. Yet even as recently as a few weeks ago, big name pundits and so-called political experts said Trump has no shot. Many even said Trump would not win a single primary.

I was so confident that Trump would win the election that I began offering $10,000 wagers to Trump’s many haters. No one would take my bet.

As I write this book, Trump has received more primary votes than all other GOP candidates combined. Even if Trump were to somehow lose the primary or general election, his rise is interesting in itself and offers lessons for your own life.

Yes, Trump’s rise is a once-in-a-lifetime event worth watching. But we are not spectators. We take action

In the Rise of Trump, you’ll understand how and why Trump is winning. More importantly, you’ll leave with a blueprint for your own life.


Culture and Trump’s Rise – Globalism vs. Nationalism, White Guilt, The War on Men, and an attack on Free Speech.

This book won’t solve the debate over whether history makes great men or do great men make history. It is, however, obvious that Trump has not risen merely through his public speaking skills, charisma, and force of will. Trump has hit on issues in modern American culture. Every other candidate has ignored these issues.

There are four winds blowing the Trump train forward. Trump is a nationalist, as he puts America first. Every other candidate is a globalist who does not care about the United States, or at the least they are unwilling to prioritize American workers over workers in foreign lands.

Trump has also rejected the concept of white guilt. In the U.S. and broader West, whites are singled out as evil doers of society. This is the case even though all cultures throughout history have committed atrocities far more evil than anything whites have done. Moreover, whites were the first race to ban slavery, a practice that exists to this day in India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Africa, and much of the Middle East.

Trump is unapologetically masculine. For a society to function properly, there must be a balancing of feminine and masculine energy. Women and men are not superior to one another. We are co-equals offering different strengths. Women grow human life. Men support life. Judging by the headlines and major policy positions, one would get the impression that men are evil. Trump has rejected the War on Men narrative.

Finally, Trump has attacked politically correct culture. Indeed, the above three paragraphs discussing nationalism, white guilt, and men are themselves politically incorrect.

Silenced and the War on Free Speech.

Every American citizen feels the same way. We have been silenced. There are certain issues we are not allowed to talk about if we intend to be allowed into polite society or even have a job.

One might even say the American motto is, “You can’t say that.” The that you can’t say has been defined by radical leftists, who have created politically correct culture. For various reasons covered in a later chapter, even Republicans have allowed the liberal media to set the terms of acceptable debate.

We know, for example, that white people – and only white people – are evil. You won’t lose a job for saying you believe whites have oppressed minorities. While it’s true whites have committed their fair share of bad deeds, every ethnic and racial group has oppressed other groups.

Let’s look at something that it obviously true, and yet you can’t say: “Blacks in Africa sold slaves to Jewish slavers who sold those slaves to whites in the United States.” That statement is historically true. If a political pundit made that statement on the air, he’d lose his job. If you made that statement at the office, you’d be called into HR for a meeting. At best you’d be allowed to undergo re-education in a sensitive course. Far more likely is that you’d lose your job for creating a “hostile work environment.”

Being silenced for telling the truth is a key feature of politically correct culture. PC culture has silenced a majority of Americans.

Silencing hundreds of millions of people doesn’t change their minds. It only makes them angrier and desperate for a spokesperson. Trump recognized this, and one of his key talking points was on politically correct culture.

In a presidential debate, Trump was even confronted with some of his “offensive statements” and “mean Tweets.” When he said America has too many problems and that we didn’t have time for political correctness, the crowd roared. Americans are tired of being silenced, and Trump is the only candidate who is speaking his mind.

Many of Trump’s supporters have said they don’t care about his policy positions. “I’m just glad to have someone running for office who finally speaks his mind,” is a sentiment we often hear.

Trump isn’t afraid to speak out on issues that aren’t politically correct. He has renounced the pay gap as a scam, admitted that lax border security has made American unsafe, and refused to call white Americans evil racist bigots.

Nationalism v. Globalism: The Death of Conservatism.

Trump’s rise has been met with cries that he is not a “true conservative.” The once-prestigious National Review devoted an entire issue crying about Trump. Called Against Trump, the issue brought in attacks from pro-war neocons and even the mentally-unstable Glen Beck.

What attacks on Trump failed to do was define conservatism. No one has been able to explain why waging wars on foreign soils or increasing federal spending more than any president since Lyndon B. Johnson, as George w. Bush did, was conservative. No one has explained how socialized medicine, which Mitt Roney enacted as government of Massachusetts, is conservative.

Question begging aside, Trump is not a “true conservative,” and in fact conservatism in the U.S. is dead.

Trump is a nationalist, which is a loaded term worthy of definition.

Nationalism derives from the root nation. A nationalist puts the interests of his own country, and by extension countrymen, above the interests of other nations. A nationalist puts America first. Nationalists will work with other countries, but only when in the best interest of the United States.

You’d think that the President of the United States would by definition be a nationalist. Nation is in the title of the job description. Yet mainstream conservatives have drifted away from nationalism and towards globalism.

To a globalist, Americans are no different from a Nigerian. If someone in a foreign land is able to do a job much cheaper than an American worker, then those jobs should be offshored. Americans, according to globalists, do not deserve to exist as an identity.

Globalists thus favor open borders, even though increased immigration lowers the wages of native-born Americans while increasing crimes. Marco Rubio, the darling of conservative elites, even sought to open America’s borders.

As part of the Gang of 8 (so named because 8 United State senators joined forces to bring a new world order to the U.S.), Rubio also sought to increase the number of migrants from Syria by millions. That the migrants from Syrian tend to be overwhelmingly men of prime-fighting age means nothing to Rubio or other globalists. America has no right to exist as a nation under the globalist worldview.

Trump rejected globalism with a powerful statement: Build the Wall. By building a wall, Trump meant the U.S. must erect a border between the United States and Mexico, as illegal immigrants, including drug dealers and even Islamic terrorists, poured across in the tens-of-millions. Building a wall is a powerful representation of nationalism.

“A nation cannot exist without a border,” Trump declared. A nation is it borders because a nation is its people. When you allow people who hate American values like freedom of speech, free enterprise, and tolerance for religion, you change the nation for the worse.

Mainstream conservatives, again, are globalists. They believe Americans do not have a right to exist as a people, and that America does not have the right to exist as a nation. Some my call that statement extreme, but if you do not define your borders or control who comes to America, as they do in Israel, how can you claim to be pro-America?

Populism and the Free Trade lie.

Nationalism is the belief that nations like Israel have a right to self-determination, and populism is the view that a nation’s domestic and foreign policy should benefit all Americans rather than a tiny sliver of special interest donors and mega-corporations. Mainstream conservatism rejects populism on the grounds that billionaire donors matter more than ordinary, hard-working Americans.

Conservatives preach that America, as part of a global economy, must support ‘free trade.” Mainstream conservatives thus support the offshoring of American jobs as well as treaties like NAFTA – the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Yet free trade is indisputably bad for U.S. workers. Real wages for American workers haven’t risen since 1960.

Globalist conservatives and economists ignore this problem by claiming economic growth should be measured by gross domestic product, or GDP. GDP is a measure of all economic activity. If a single billionaire earned millions of dollars more while everyone else in the country saw their wages decrease, net GDP would still increase.

As you can see, globalist conservatives do not care about American workers. Americans are no their fellow citizens, but instead are disposable widgets to be used until broken. Even better is to never hire American workers at all, instead offshoring all jobs to a global marketplace.

Trump has consistently prioritized American workers in his speeches and campaign promises. We will bring jobs home to the U.S.,” he said in multiple campaign speeches. Trump has also criticized Ford for its decision to move a factory outside of the U.S. When Disney replaced hundreds of American workers for cheaper foreign workers, Trump spoke out on behalf of Americans.

The Rise of Trump is finally available!

Mike Cernovich is a lawyer, author of a best-selling book on mindset, documentary film maker, and published legal scholar. A graduate of Pepperdine University School of Law, Cernovich made the Dean’s List and earned the highest class grade in several constitutional law courses. His legal writing has been cited in federal court opinions, his websites on culture issues have been visited by several million people, and his Twitter profile receives around 20 million views a month. His first book, Gorilla Mindset, is considered the best mindset book ever written.