If you want to understand why we are losing the war on free speech, you need to watch one video. (Scroll down.) This video has nothing to do with politics. It has nothing to do with gender or social justice warriors or free speech. When you watch it, you’ll understand why we are losing.

Vice documentaries are excellent. These documentaries bring in millions of new readers while also adding brand cache to the Vice “news” brand. Vice uses this brand value to advocate for censorship of the Internet and to push a pro-SJW agenda.

Even I watch Vice documentaries, and I loathe Vice. I met a Vice free lancer who told me there was a media blackout on my name. Vice bloggers are not allowed to mention me in articles.

Why is Vice, a notorious SJW-run website telling Wim Hof’s story? Why isn’t anyone who supports free speech doing documentaries?

Those who hate free speech control the arts because we let them. We have the talent, vision, and capital needed to make great films.

If we want to get our message out, we need to get on this level.

And we will.