Three countries are trying to ban men from holding informal meet-ups. These meet-ups are not protests or disruptive gatherings. Rather on February 6, 2016, like-minded men across the globe are going to meet over drinks to discuss men’s issues. (Read: Frequently Asked Questions For International Meetup Day On February 6.)

The outcry from social justice warriors was immediate, though why care about trolls on Twitter? The real threat to free speech, we have been told, comes from the government.

Three world governments are trying to prevent these meet-ups from being held, and the parliament in Australia is going to meet to determine whether or not Roosh will be allowed to cross its broder.

Where are the “free speech bad asses” and “cultural libertarians”?

This is not the first time governments have tried banning Roosh. Canadian immigration officials and the mayors of Toronto and Montreal tried keeping Roosh out of their country, although he had already made it through customs before the social justice warrior outcry.

After giving a talk on masculinity, Roosh was followed by social justice warriors. One woman violently attacked him.

There was no outcry from Reason magazine or other “cultural libertarians.”

No “First Amendment bad ass” had anything to say about violent attacks on Roosh. These “bad asses” remained silent while government officials sought to silence Roosh.

Who has real integrity on free speech issues?

Pay close attention to who writes about this story.

Pay close who attention to who doesn’t write about this story.

That will tell you who truly supports free speech and who is virtue signaling for the left.

Defending Roosh’s right to free speech might make you a misogynist!

The ACLU once stood with neo-Nazis.

Today’s “free speech bad asses” won’t even stand with a man who talks about traditional masculinity.

You won’t hear much from the “free speech crowd” because we’re in a new era of free speech.

The people who need free speech rights protected as men.

You’ll often read articles about “college students” censoring conversations, but it’s not the White Christian College Republican Male club trying to shut down discussion or pulling fire alarms disrupt talks.

Radical feminists and social justice warriors are the ones seeking to silence men.

But most “free speech advocates” are liberals, and standing with a man might open them to charges of misogyny – an unforgivable sin of the left.

Luckily our own platforms grow, and we don’t need mainstream support.

Your support is what matters.