Marc Randazza is one of America’s leading free speech lawyers. Randazza’s practice is actually worldwide, and he had a huge victory against social justice warriors. In the #TeamHarpy lawsuit, SJWs falsely accused a man of being a sexual predator. The man sued and received something no one has ever gotten from social justice warriors – an apology.

In this videocast we cover:

  • Gregory Alan Elliott prosecution in Canada
  • Free speech in Canada
  • How BlackLivesMatter is alienating people who were sympathetic to issues of police misconduct
  • The importance of recognizing that white men are everyone’s favorite whipping boys, and how to avoid developing a victim’s mindset
  • Whether the ACLU even cares about free speech anymore
  • Why Anita Sarkeesian should be allowed to give talks at public universities
  • Milo Yiannopoulos
  • Twitter’s selective enforcement of rules violations
  • Male and female privilege
  • The #TeamHarpy lawsuit Randazza brought against SJWs
  • The ways women use revenge porn to harass other women

Before you start listening, it’s worth making a point.

Marc and I are as far apart politically as you can imagine. He’s “far left” and I’m “far right.” (Whatever those terms mean today is anyone’s guess.)

You don’t have to agree with someone to like them or to enjoy their company. Hating people because they disagree with you is for feminists and social justice warriors, not for free-thinking, independent people.

There’s not and never will be a “political purity test” at Danger & Play.