I’ve travelled the world in search of universal meaning. What is happiness? What is the good life? Who inspires others? While I have not answered every existential question, I have answered one. I have met the most inspirational man on the planet – Fredrick Brennan a/k/a Hotwheels of 8Chan.

It would be an insult to my friend and client to consider him inspirational because of his “disability.” Hotwheels is an inspiration because he lives life on his terms.

Hot Wheels was born with a rare condition known as brittle bone disease.

Hotwheels’ medical condition is the least interesting aspect of his life.

Hot Wheels has

He’s done all of the above and more while never complaining.

I met Hotwheels in 2015 to discuss his life and learn from him.

Every day I get the same cry baby emails and messages on Twitter.

“Mike, I want to live life on my terms, but

  • People might make fun of me.
  • My parents won’t approve.
  • My wife won’t let me.
  • I’m a gigantic cry baby.

Hotwheels had a choice, and unlike the cry babies, he choose himself.

Since he suffers from a disability and is a U.S. citizen, he could receive money and other government benefits. However, the government would also demand he live in a home-care facility.

Hotwheels wanted to live free or die, and thus he moved to the Philippines, where the income he earns is able to sustain him.

Hotwheels 8chan Boat

Yet Hotwheels’ choice have come at a cost. Because he does not embrace victimization, social justice warriors attacked him.

Hotwheels used to earn his living off of Patreon. Patreon is a company that allows people to support content creators. You, me, and others can make a monthly, recurring contribution to developers and artists like Hotwheels.

Because Hotwheels runs a free-speech company called 8Chan, he was attacked. On 8Chan people are allowed to criticize social justice warriors and con artists like Zoe Quinn, Brian Wu, and Anita Sarkeesian.

Social justice warriors met with Patreon founders, cried to them, and had them re-write their rules to explicitly ban Hotwheels from their service.

If Hotwheels had chosen to adopt a victim mindset, he’d be a “hero.” Instead he is persecuted by the system.

Hotwheels v. Real Social Dynamics

I was on my way to the gym on a Saturday morning when an email arrived.

Mike, Real Social Dynamics is threatening me with a lawsuit. What should I do?

I dropped everything, emailed my close friend and lawyer Marc Randazza, and began drafting a Fuck You letter to the cucks at Real Social Dynamics.

Where as others – even lawyers – back down when threatened with lawsuits, Hotwheels stood his ground.

Real Social Dynamics and Julien Blanc backed down like the cucks that they are.

Hotwheels was left for dead in a cold New York winter.
He lived to tell about it.

After raising money to buy himself a wheel chair, Hotwheels faced calamaity. He was mugged by a savage.

Even worse, Hotwheels was mugged by the same man he was trying to help:

“There was this homeless guy,” he said. “He took an immediate interest in me.” The man said he helped people navigate the terminal and get where they need to go. “I guess he thought I was a tourist. I followed him. Very stupid, because I knew where it was.”

They got to the machine and the man asked for a dollar. Mr. Brennan pulled out his wallet and obliged. The man asked for another — “Come on, I can’t even buy a hot dog with this” — and Mr. Brennan forked it over. The man left.

Mr. Brennan started the process of buying a new MetroCard, his wallet resting in his lap. And then the man doubled back, grabbed the wallet and bolted.

After calling police for help, he got lost in the shuffle. He was left outside in the snow, where he nearly died of hypothermia.

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Hotwheels is the most inspirational man in the world.

Hotwheels Ben Garrison

I’m proud to call Hotwheels a friend and client, although that’s selfish.

Knowing men like Hotwheels exist inspire me to achieve greatness.

Why did Hotwheels found a company without any support from the system as a teenager?

How was he able to ensure attacks from SJWs without feeling like a victim?

How does a man who nearly died in a snowstorm keep moving forward?

Some people see a young man in a wheelchair.
I see a random guy next to a hero of free speech and inspiration to all.

Mike Cernovich Hotwheel 8chan

Keep moving forward, Fredrick.

You’ve done more in two decades than most of us will accomplish in a lifetime.