2015 was wild, with too many best-of moments to keep track of. Later I’ll talk serious stuff like traffic, marketing, and how you can grow your business. For now let’s have some fun. Feel free to post your favorite moments in the comments below. I’ll update this post with more examples as you send them to me!

1. Seth Rogen’s wife asked me to have sex with her, in public, on Twitter. #CuckRogen

Proving that being an A-list actor is no competition compared to a Gorilla Mindset, Seth “DUDE WEED LMAO” Rogen was publicly cucked on Twitter. Seth Rogen’s wife, Laura Miller, told me that she would have sex with me.

Seth Rogen wife Mike Cernovich .22 AM

The Cuck Rogen meme went viral, with thousands of people finding Danger & Play in my Twitter, rewarding me for my efforts.

Since being cucked, Rogen has had a major movie flop. This movie was billed as a sure-hit. Many believe Rogen was too demoralized to promote his film after being soundly humiliated online by his own wife.

Mike Cernovich Seth Rogen Twitter Cuck-001

2. A SJW and former NFL player posted semi-naked pics of himself after having a nervous breakdown about me.

Chris Kluwe, who threatened to sue me for defamation after I exposed a conspiracy of silence of which he is part of, became a domain cybersquatter. He also posted semi-naked pictures of himself online after having a nervous breakdown.

Chris Kluwe shirtless

3. A Daily Beast blogger and self-styled “Dean of Comedy” backed out of a $10,000 stand-up comedy battle.

Dean Obeidallah challenged me to a comedy stand-up battle. I accepted, agreed to fill a comedy club with spectators, and offered $10,000 to his charity of choice.

Upon reading Gorilla Mindset and realizing I was far more intelligent than he was, Dean Obeidallah backed out of the challenge. He did, however, threaten to have a violent mob kill me.

For the first time in years, the Dean of Comedy knows what it feels like to have an audience laugh!

Dean Obeidallah mob violence death threats.32 PM

The Current Year is off to a great start.

Kim Fischer of ABC4 lied about me, thus committing journalistic fraud.

Kim Fischer is a “journalist” who lies about issues she covers. After lying about me, I did some digging into her background.

As it turns out, Kim Fischer had previously posted pictures of herself in an alcoholic stupor. She later threatened to sue people who posted pictures of her pole dancing. Her lawsuit threats were groundless, as she had posted those images herself!

(The latest SJW move is to post sexualized images online to friends. Once those images reach a broader public audience, SJWs take them down and lie, claiming that posting those images are “revenge porn.” This is, of course, nonsense. Publicly-available images can never fall under any definition of “revenge porn.”)

As Ms. Fischer of ABC had previously posted these images, and as I am commenting about those images, posting them falls well within the First Amendment’s fair use protections. As a free speech activist, I posted these images, which she did not appreciate!

Kim Fischer of ABC4 pole dancing.53 AM

What was your favorite moment of 2015?

Post your comments below!