Seth Rogen is a social justice warrior and former actor who bullied friends of mine online. Recently it made international news when his wife Lauren Miller Rogen proposition me for sex on Twitter. My website can hardly handle the additional traffic, and the Tweets and memes have been seen millions of times. Lauren Miller has since deleted her Tweet, although we backed it up on a site known as Archive.

Seth Rogen is now known as Cuck Rogen. Whenever he attempts to release a new film, the cucking will follow him. The story went viral and the meme is forever.

Why did Seth Rogen get cucked?

I don’t troll random celebrities. Instead I seek out bullies with huge platforms.

Yes, there’s a marketing angle to what I do. There is also an alignment of principle. I do not troll good people simply for disagreeing with me. You must be a bully – preferably with a huge audience.

Last year Seth Rogen lied about GamerGate, a loose alliance between consumers revolting against unethical journalism, and free speech advocates. I’ve attended two GamerGate meet-ups, and these are about the nicest people in the world. I often say, “Do not associate GamerGate with me. They are nice. I am not.”

To show how edgy he is, Rogen made the most gutless Tweet imaginable. He called out white people.

I knew how to get under Rogen’s skin, so I made my move.

Mainstream comedy is banal and boring.
All comics know this and hate themselves for it.

Like all aspiring comedians, Seth Rogen grew up watching George Carlin, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, Sam Kinison, Richard Pryor, Patrice O’Neil, and Lenny Bruce. Those comedic legends, as all great comics do, pushed the acceptable boundaries of free speech. In many cases they faced arrest and banishment from television.

Rogen and other modern comedians must remain well on the plantation of politically correct thought. Even Chris Rock won’t give college shows any longer, as he fears the wrath of PC obsessed students.

“Comedians” hate it when you say they lack edge. I went for a jab of Seth Rogen, holding back my head shot. As I knew he would, Rogen responded.

Seth Rogen Cucked by wife Lauren Miller Rogen.04 AM

Seth Rogen is now in the fight, and he was heading right where I wanted him.

How did Seth Rogen get cucked by me?
(All men have the same fears.)

All men – even those who claim gender is a social construct – have the same pressing question: “Am I man enough?” That question haunts men on sleepless nights.

Men are insecure about the three Ws: their wallets, women, and waistline. If you want to hit men with a head shot, attack their ability to make money, get fit/be tough, or get laid.

Seth Rogen is rich. A wallet-based attack wouldn’t work. He also plays the role of fat loser. An attack on his physical fitness wouldn’t work. That left me one option – his woman.

As Seth Rogen’s wife is of above average attractiveness, I wouldn’t call her names. She kept her last name and thus clearly is a “strong woman” who bosses her husband around. Yes, I knew what to do.

Seth Rogen sits up at night wondering if his wife loves him. “I am a fat slob with money and fame. Is that why she married me,” he wonders.

It was now time to show what happens when Hollywood celebrities who read lines others write for them stepped into the arena with the author of Gorilla Mindset.
Cuck Rogen meme Mike Cernovich Seth Rogen Twitter Beef.03 AM

Rogen takes a blow to the head. He’s in the fight. His next shot showed me he was stunned.

Seth Rogen is mad.50 AM

I knew Rogen was mine. His response proved he was having marital problems and that he has self-doubt. Have can a fat unfunny slob like him have a moderately attractive wife like Lauren Miller?

Aspiring comics hate being laughed at, so I reinforced the point while laughing.

Mike Cernovich Seth Rogen Twitter beef.48 AM

Rogen was stunned. The head shot hit him, he was down. Would he get back up?

Seth Rogen’s own wife, Lauren Miller Rogen, then cucked him on public.

“Well, she definitely would fuck you!” – Lauren Miller Rogen to Mike Cernovich (Twitter, Oct. 10, 2015)

Seth Rogen wife Mike Cernovich .22 AM

Seth Rogen will forever be known as Cuck Rogen.

Mike Cernovich Seth Rogen Twitter Cuck-001

Seth Rogen is no match for Gorilla Mindset!