I was recently in Budapest and had the pleasure to meet many local readers. I learned the real story about the “refugee” crisis in Budapest before the headlines hit. In fact, astute local readers warned me that a “crisis” was coming soon, as so-called refugees had been committing crimes.

Budapest, Hungary is one of the best cities I’ve ever visited. I love the city and love the people. I will not let them lie about you.

I am going to return soon. I want to hear the real story that the media is afraid to tell.

While I’m there, lets meet up.

Also, I will also need a translator, camera man, and potentially security. Helping me negotiate deals would be much appreciated.

I would also be interested in talking to any local contacts you have.

I want the world to learn tell the truth.

The Hungarian people are being lied about in the media, and this must stop.

Budapest parliament