The System has one plan for you. If you do not understand this in every double-helix of your DNA, you will experience a life of bitterness, confusion, and frustration.

The System needs you to remain a slave.

The System treats everyone like hunks of meat, although in different ways.

If you are a man, the System wants to send you off to wars to acquire territory and increase the status of the System. When you are not being sent through a human meat grinder, the System wants you toiling with your body and mind until you are broken. Then the system wants you dead.

If you are a woman, the System wants you to be a sex slave, seamstress, or caretaker of children for the most powerful agents of the System.

The System murders men in wars and rapes women.

Serve the system.

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You can see the System at play even in white-bread, civilized parts of the world like Silicon Valley. Sheryl Sandberg tells women to “lean in,” which means living for the System as a man. Yet Sandberg’s own lifestyle is only made possible off of the backs of “lower” women.

At one time people like Sandberg would pay her fellow Americans a living wage to work as babysitters. Now the System imports an underclass.

The System teaches men to worship women, but the System does not care about women.

You will never hear agents of the system like Sandberg, Marissa Mayer, Maria Shriver, or any other white feminist thank her female domestic help in an awards acceptance speech.

The System has determined that there is a shortage of men in tech. Although Economics 101 teaches that there is no such thing as a labor shortage (increased wages increase the supply of labor), the System has said we must import more laborers, paying them less, rather than increasing wages for Americans.

The System claims there is a labor shortage while conspiring to suppress wages of tech employees. (NY Times, “Bigger Settlement Said to Be Reached in Silicon Valley Antitrust Case.”)

The System puts messages on t-shirts about the oppression of women while paying women slave wages.

(This is what a feminist t-shirt plant looks like.)

this is what a feminist looks like

The Media is part of the System.

We are all part of the System.

The System keeps you in a perpetually reactionary state.

When you spread negative energy, you become an agent of the System.

The System does not want people to spread good vibes or good will. The System must have people constantly in a state of outrage and bickering, as “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”

The System is a master at sleight of hand. Look around you at the other slaves you hate rather than at the pharaoh on top who is shitting on everyone down below.

The System conditions us to seek socially constructed status markers.

The System teaches women to desire shoes with red soles, even though they are no better than other shoes.

The System teaches women to allow men to shit on them (literally, for $20,000) in order to acquire material goods. (Matt Forney, “Tag The Sponsor Exposes The Depravity Of Modern Women.”)

The System gives us all blind spots. Aren’t men who shit on women as depraved as women who allow themselves to be shat on?

The System teaches men to slave away in a job to acquire large homes, name-brand clothing, and expensive cars to impress women. (Emily Arata, “Man Tells Heartbreaking Story Of How He Realized He Wasted His Life.”)

The System teaches men to put work above their own physical and mental health and home life.

The System then teaches the very same people it has made sick to buy medications to treat the ills caused by the System.

The System teaches you to feel inadequate.

The System is premised on a scarcity mindset. Many rich people have told me they are jealous of my move to Saigon, Vietnam. They have a higher net worth than I do.

The System has taught people to believe they do not have enough, and if they quit the System personal ruin will occur.

The System teaches people to feel inadequate about their past. I know lawyers earning 7 figures a year who feel insecure about not attending a higher-ranked law school. In fact, lawyers obsess over the place other lawyers parked their asses in their early 20s.

The System tells you to color your grey hair, buy new clothes to feel like a “brand new you,” and acquire a new car every three years to prove your worth.

The System treats the physiques of Hollywood actors as something attainable without anabolic steroids.

The System says I should be a practicing lawyer rather than write Danger & Play.

The System would say, if I chose to be a lawyer, that I should have attended Harvard instead of Pepperdine Law School.

The System would say I didn’t get good enough grades, a federal judicial clerkship, ad infinitum.

To the System, you are never good enough.

There is only one way to beat the System.

The System knows the only way to beat it is to not play the game. Hence why the System teaches you from birth that “taking your ball and going home” is somehow immoral. We should instead play a rigged game.

To beat the System you must re-condition yourself to forgo material goods and other artificial status markers.

When someone calls me a loser who couldn’t make it as a lawyer or posts to a picture of my humble apartment, I don’t defend myself (reactionary, as the System wants). I simply do not care.

This is proof of my life’s failures, according to agents of the System.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 11.21.42 PM

When others shop for name-brand goods, I wear the same few shirts and same pair of blue jeans.

Quitting the System requires eternal vigilance.

The System showed me a copy of the Robb Report yesterday. I opened it up, saw a private jet, and immediately believed I “needed” one. I closed the magazine immediately.

The System shows me news headlines that cause me to feel anger or frustration. I don’t follow the news closely.

The System puts me in touch with negative people who falsely accuse me of horrible deeds, vandalize my iTunes page, and try bringing me down.

My life is not lived inside a hug box.

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The System even turns me into its own agent, when I am not on guard.

When I am a negative or hurtful person, I become an agent of the System.

The System is always there, waiting for you to return to it.

Are you an unwitting agent of the System?

What will you do to set yourself free?