From Gorilla Mindset: Timeless Strategies to Unleash the Animal Within.

It seems banal to say your day begins with your morning. Then again, do you have a morning routine that sets you up for a successful day?

Most men are defeated before they get out of bed. They stay up too late and wake up exhausted. They press the snooze button several times. Their mindset is in a negative place from the second they wake up.

“Another day, another dollar,” he mutters. One day is the same as the next. It is, as Henry David Thoreau wrote, a life of quiet desperation.

Your day begins with your morning. Make your morning count.

GORILLA MINDSET SHIFT: “My day is a serious athletic endeavor that requires me to actively warm up my body and mind.”

Here is an abbreviated warm-up to use when on vacation or when you’re in a place with limited space.

You’re not trying to kill yourself or gain muscle. You’re getting lymphatic fluid moving and hyper-oxygenating your brain. This is a warm-up, not a work-out.

If 25 push-ups are too many, do 5, or 1, or however many you can do.

  • 25 foot-elevated push-ups;
  • 5-10 reps alpha posture poses (multiple supersets).
  • Black coffee.
  • 32 ounces of water. (Rule of thumb: If your urine is clear, drink 16 ounces of water. If it’s yellow, drink 32 ounces.)
  • Brain-warm up.

The full playlist of posture poses is available here. (Just click play.)