Although I don’t focus on current affairs or feminism, every once in a while a seminal moment arises. The truth crystallizes. Alcoholics call this a moment of clarity. Lindy West and Jezebel just gave me my moment of clarity.

Lindy West, Jezebel, and other feminists hate women.

It’s long been known that Jezebel is a hate group that supports violence against men. Indeed, Jezebel editor-in-chief Tracie Egan Morrissey believes that domestic violence against men is funny.

As it turns out, Jezebel hates women, too.

Lindy West is a morbidly obese woman who has gotten men fired from their jobs for posting stupid tweets. For example, disgraced academic Geoffrey Miller of The Mating Grounds almost lost his job as a tenured professor after he posted a Tweet that offended Ms. West.

Yet when Ms. West’s gay male boss allowed vulgar and triggering material on his website, Ms. West and her feminist colleagues said nothing. For years.

Finally she and the rest of the staff of Jezebel have spoken up, although they are not speaking up loudly enough. Anything short of a staff walk-out is spitting in the face of all women who have suffered due to to Nick Denton’s vile and reprehensible conduct.

The material that appears on Jezebel is horrific. It has caused women to be “triggered” and undergo severe PTSD:

For months, an individual or individuals has been using anonymous, untraceable burner accounts to post gifs of violent pornography in the discussion section of stories on Jezebel. The images arrive in a barrage, and the only way to get rid of them from the website is if a staffer individually dismisses the comments and manually bans the commenter. But because IP addresses aren’t recorded on burner accounts, literally nothing is stopping this individual or individuals from immediately signing up for another, and posting another wave of violent images (and then bragging about it on 4chan in conversations staffers here have followed, which we’re not linking to here because fuck that garbage).

Higher ups at Gawker are well aware of the problem with this feature of Kinja (our publishing platform, in case you’re new here). We receive multiple distressed emails from readers every time this happens, and have been forwarding them to the architects of Kinja and to higher ups on Gawker’s editorial side for months. Nothing has changed.

Why did it take years for Ms. West and her empowered feminist colleagues to take a stand? Could it be that Ms. West and the writers at Jezebel have no interest in helping women become the best versions of themselves?

(Jezebel puts profit before people.)

Jezebel Lindy West misogyny

Why has Gawker Media and its gay owner Nick Denton allowed Jezebel to be a hostile working environment for its writers?

It’s all about the page views. As I explained in “Affiliate Marketing v. Advertising,” sites like Jezebel live and die based on CPM. Troll comments allow Gawker Media to increase its page views. More pages views means more money.

If women writers suffer as they are forced to moderate hateful comments, who cares? It’s good for page views!

If women readers are triggered while being exposed to violent images, who cares? It’s good for page views!

Nick Denton and everyone else at Jezebel are lining their pockets based on female suffering.

Rather than accept personal responsibility for her silence, Lindy West blames the patriarchy:

At pretty much every blogging job I’ve ever had, I’ve been told (by male managers) that it’d be a death sentence to moderate comments and block IP addresses, because it “shuts down discourse” and guts traffic. But no one’s ever shown me any actual numbers that support that claim. Does anyone have any? Not that I think traffic should trump employee safety anyway, but I’d love for someone to prove to me that it’s more than just a cop-out.

Why hasn’t she spoken out? Why does she continue writing for a website that allows harmful material that triggers women?

Why won’t Lindy West and the rest of the editorial staff at Jezebel start their own web hustle? Why do they continue to work for a gay man who collects female tears while laughing his way to the bank?

Danger & Play is better environment for women than Jezebel.

Even though Danger & Play is a website for men, I do not allow hateful comments from misogynists. That’s not how we roll here.

The Danger & Play community does not have time for negative people.

Meanwhile, Jezebel allows r@pe pr0n to appear on its pages. Jezebel’s readers have been suffering.

One reader who goes by “honeybadgegurl,” described how reading Jezebel triggers her:

I’m so sorry! I hope they do something about it. all I know is that it’s been over 2-3 hours and I’m still shaking and upset. those were some awful awwwwfful images.

A rational man can only reach one conclusion: Danger & Play cares more about women than Jezebel.

Go on strike!

Nothing short of a strike will send a message to Gawker Media that you are serious. It’s time for the entire staff of Jezebel to walk out of the office.

Send a message to Nick Denton. I am here to help.

Lindy, reach out to me.

When Lindy West went after my brother Victor Pride, he lined his pockets. Why don’t you be like Victor? Be like Mike.

Will you join me, Lindy, for the adventure of your life?

I will help you create a profitable website. And more!

I am here to help. Will you take the Danger & Play Boot Camp Challenge?