“If you know the Way broadly, you see the Way in all things.” – Miyamoto Musashi

Much of my understanding of alpha male body posture comes from wrestling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. You rarely see a wrestler or former wrestler with bad posture. That’s because wrestlers have been taught to stand like men.

A wrestling match begins from the standing position. In order to take a wrestler to the ground, you must throw him off balance – which means you must break down his posture. Beta male posture will get you smoked in a wrestling match.

(These high school kids have better posture than 99% of grown men.)

wrestling posture

If you have bad posture, you can be thrown off balance easily. You lack a sense of “base” or “connection” with the ground.

This connection is invisible. Yet this invisible power can be detected by men and women. This is what is meant by the term “aura.”

In BJJ, posture is usually thought of as maintaing base while you’re in guard. Few self-defense teachers speak of maintaining posture while standing and walking. Yet posture matters far more when you are standing than when you are in the guard.

The normal person who trains BJJ for self-defense does not want to find himself in someone’s guard. Being on the ground in a street scenario is dangerous, as it leads you vulnerable to other attackers. In the real world, the norman man wants to avoid a fight in the first place.

“To win without fighting is best.” – Sun Tzu

Good posture deters people from starting a fight with you, and it helps you avoid ever having to go to the ground.

This instructional video from Rickson Grace is required viewing for any man interested in avoiding street fights as well as any man who wants to give off a more powerful, calm, masculine aura.

During a self-defense class, Kron (Rickson’s son) taught me the same concepts Rickson demonstrates in this video. Just like Budo Jake, I passively put my arm up. Kron was able to throw me around, even though he was around 17-years old at the time and I weighed 220 pounds.

By merely putting your arm up, you do not have proper posture. Once you have this proper posture, you have better connection. As your connection to the ground and those you touch grows stronger, you will develop aura.

Posture >>> Connection >>> Aura

I’ve watched this video several times, as the lessons are profound.

To improve your posture, start performing these alpha posture building exercises.