We’ve never talked about music before. Let’s change that. A reader writes in, “Mike, what kind of music do you listen to?”

The short answer is: Trance, deep house, and progressive house.

That may surprise a lot of people, as some try turning a conversation about music into some alpha or beta nonsense. Let’s dismiss that silliness right away.

I went to an Above and Beyond concert with Nic Gabriel, who earned his BJJ black belt under Roger Gracie in under 5 years. Death metal worshippers, skinheads, or “hardcore” fans wouldn’t do so well if they tried anything on those two trance heads.

Above & Beyond Live At Ultra Music Festival Miami 2014

I enjoy trance and music with angelic sounds as it puts me in touch with the divine. I do not like negative lyrics, death metal, or other forms or devil music.

There is nothing wrong with such music. I used to enjoy devil music and hardcore gangster rap. Those vibrations caused me to have too much yang, which caused anxiety and anger management issues.

Eric Prydyz – “Liberate”


A man must manage his masculine energy.

Yin (feminine) and yang (masculine). Danger (yang) and Play (yin).

Music should balance out your Chinese medicine type, which is an expression of your relative levels of yin or yang.

I am a fire and wood type type. Because of this, I am prone to burnout.

Fire personality traits are love, passion, leadership, spirituality, insight, dynamism, aggression, intuition, reason, and expressiveness. The fire personality is direct-right out front. A fire type succeeds by becoming warm- hearted and generous. Experiences of love, compassion, fun, joy, and pleasure are healing for fire individuals.

Wood qualities are bold actions, planning, initiating new projects, idealism, imagination, compassion, and competition. Wood types possess decision-making skills and the ability to create change.The emotion associated with wood is anger. Other wood emotions are tension, criticism, discouragement, regret, excitement, dislike of self and others, negative judgment, and repressed anger related to thwarted affection.

When you have too much fire or wood, you must balance this out with feminine energy. I therefore listen to a lot of feminine music, especially trance and progressive and deep house.

Audien – “Hindsight”

Music must calm my spirit and help me channel my fire energy into warmth and good-heartedness rather than anger and violence.

Two songs that warm my heart.

Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town” fills me with overwhelming sadness and compassion, as I imagine being trapped in my own small town, letting life pass me by, my dreams never becoming realized.

It’s kind of about a lady, and she’s getting on in years, and she’s stuck in this small town. Small towns fascinate me: You either struggle like hell to get out, to some people want to stay ’cause then they’re the big fish in the small pond, and then others just kind of get stuck there. So here she is working in this little place, and then an old flame comes in, and he’s probably driving a nice car and looking kind of sharp—not a fancy car, but he’s moved on. And then she sees him, and at first she doesn’t even remember who he is, and then she realizes who it is. She’s just too embarrassed to say “hello.”

After packing my belongings into a car and heading to California, I said good bye to two of my closest friends. One of them looked at me and sighed, “You’re the first one to get out.”

When you grow up where I grew up, that’s what you do. You get out.

Not everyone gets out, as described in “Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town.”


“Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town” reminds me of my life mission – to help men “get out” of whatever shitty situation they find themselves in.

It is also a reminder that you must leave people behind. Danger & Play is not for the slow or the weak.

You must take leadership over your own life. I will help any man come to where I am on the mountain, but I will never let others bring me down.

In fact, it’s been three years since I have been home to visit my family. Filled with familiar faces, my hometown depresses me. Anyone in my family has an open invitation to visit me in California and I will put them up. I won’t go home, as that place is not my home. It is a Hell I escaped.

Above & Beyond’s “Blue Sky Action” puts me in touch with similar feelings.

Blue Sky Action” has a more triumphant feel, although the lyrics themselves are sad.

Above & Beyond – Blue Sky Action

I get tired of life
What a world I’m living in
Now I’ve gotten old
I’ve had enough I’m giving in

Stuck in this toxic town
Really takes my breath away
It’s either leave or drown

It’s either leave or drown.

You can hear angels in the background. (Fast forward to 48 seconds in, as the DJ’s introduction is distracting.)

Above and Beyond Blue Sky Action – acoustic version


I can write about music all day. Let’s hear from you first.

What music do you listen to?