I have a new alpha male posture building exercise for you men as well as a training update.

Training update:

I am still all natural and experimenting with posture-building exercises. (Note: My belief is that once you take a cycle of anabolic steroids, you are never all natural. By all natural, I mean that I’ve been off of TRT as of May 30, 2014.)

I’m starting to get over the symptoms of overtraining I experienced while on TRT. You can see in my other YouTube videos that I was looking pretty beat up. My arms were small and I dropped down to the low 190s in bodyweight. I’m currently at 198 pounds, down from a recent bodyweight of 205 pounds.

One reason I am being so transparent is to give you men an accurate view of the “training life.” I don’t only film videos when I’m looking good. I film them when looking good and when looking beat up and everything in between.

Your body will change day-by-day and sometimes you’ll look flat and weak.

That is normal. Relax. Recover. You will come back stronger.

A separate post on overtraining is in the works. In short: I have had to reduce training volume significantly. My body simply can’t take the beating of hour-plus-long training sessions, 5-6 days each week. Again, we can talk about overtraining in a future post.

The latest posture building exercise:

You can perform this exercise with dumbbells or kettlebells. Be sure to watch the full video, as I show you the exercise from the front and back angles. You can do multiple reps and static holds.

You can also improve your posture by performing the above exercise with a trap bar.

Be sure to perform the Victor Pride alpha male posture exercise.