Little boys always need to be the center of attention. Men understand they need to share the spotlight.

Little boys interrupt others and talk about themselves non-stop. Men know that charisma is based on connection.

Little boys stand for nothing. Men know and live their core values.

Little boys tolerate disrespect. Men stand up for themselves.

Little boys make a woman the center of his world. Men understand that women love a man who lives his life purpose.

Little boys let a few bad experiences with women turn them into misogynists. Men know that the vast majority of men and women are merely occupying space, and adopt a philosophy of amused misanthropy.

Little boys rage. Men focus their anger into intensity.

Little boys want it all now. Men know that mastery takes years to attain.

Little boys cry about their problems to all who will listen. Men keep that crap to themselves and reframe their problems as a source of power.

Little boys pretend to be friends with women in hopes for some action. Men are direct and assertive, never hiding their masculine sexual energy.

Little boys know it all and dismiss new ideas. Men attend Tony Robbins Seminars and study other successful men.

Little boys are never away from a smart phone, television or other people. Men understand that leadership requires solitude.

Little boys insist on always having their way. Men know that high value men will not tolerate such nonsense, and find common ground.

Little boys follow. Men lead.