A lot of guys ask how I train and ask for my “program.”

I have some news that will make Internet nerds throughout the world blow a gasket.

I don’t follow a workout program at all.

But doesn’t that violate the principle of progressive overload!? How will you ever make specific adaptations to imposed demands if you just….go out and…do whatever?!

(Beats me.)



I have fun and love being in the gym. I’m a straight up gym rat.

If my body could handle it, I would be in the gym for 3 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I love everything about being at the gym. No, not like. Love.

I love when the sun is out and they open up the garage doors a Gold’s in Venice. I love seeing the huge bodybuilders train.

(Rich Piana trains at Gold’s.)

Rich Piana

I love seeing men 20 years older than I am who look jacked as hell and put me to shame. It reminds me that age is just a number and to step up my game for the next few decades to come.

I love seeing women in yoga pants and sports bras doing stiff-legged dead lifts.

I love how women unconsciously lick their lips when I walk by – they objectify me and treat me like a piece of meat.

I don’t need to be motivated or inspired to go to the gym. I need to be motivated to leave the gym and actually get some income-producing work done.

Carrying around a log book and agonizing over every detail would take the fun away.

(For men like Big George, analyzing the data is part of the fun, and that’s totally cool.)

I’m not going to ever be on a stage and don’t care to be. I don’t train like a bodybuilder.

My way wouldn’t work for a competitive bodybuilder. I have no desire to ever compete.

I have no desire to be cracked out on stimulants because I’m not eating and then be moody and lose my mind.

Or to weigh food.

I don’t like the limelight.

I don’t even like posting my pictures online.

I have to because of all the frauds out there.

You need to know you can trust me.

I’m on Instagram now. It’ll be a sort of exercise library and recipe book with a dose of swag.

My training is half-bodybuilder, half athletic.

box jumps

Let’s take a leg day:

  • Foam roll/trigger point therapy.
  • I’ll do some box jumps.
  • Then I’ll do a slow, grinding, 20 rep squat (using a machine!) – HIT style.
  • Then some Romanian dead lifts with kettle bells. Kettle bells have fat handles, so I’m training my grip with “fat bar” type training and working my posterior chain. Multiple sets of 15-20.
  • Then some leg curls on a machine – HIT style.
  • Finish with some Farmer’s Walks.
  • Then push the Prowler.

Some days I just do whatever.

Today it was sunny at Gold’s in Venice. I wanted to train in the outdoor area. I went out there, looked around to see what equipment was available, and made up a workout.

  • Pushed the prowler on the high bars and low bars.
  • Did farmer’s walks with a trap-bar.
  • Hula hoops. (Yes, I’m serious.)
  • Dead lifts with a trap bar.
  • Jumped rope with my new jump rope.

I didn’t weigh the trap bar to see how many pounds I was lifting. I didn’t time my sets. I didn’t count my steps.

Then I went inside:

  • Reverse hypers.
  • Sitting leg curls.
  • Leg extensions.

I didn’t watch the clock to see if my cortisol levels were going to spike because I had been lifting for over an hour.

I just did.

I broke a sweat, got some Vitamin D, and enjoyed the hell out of my afternoon.

My nutrition is a mess, too.

I went to my alpha kitchen, made a bowl of alpha chili, found some tortilla chips, and then ate a few spoons full of ice cream.

I didn’t have a panic attack about the “anabolic, post-workout window” that requires me to take 100 mg of maltodextrin along with “fast absorbing whey protein.”

Right now I’m at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf drinking a no-sugar-added chai latte with almond-coconut milk while writing this post.


Later on I’ll eat some more chili and some Quest protein bars, coming in at the day at around 3,000 kcals – plus or minus 500.

I enjoy the heck out of life. I don’t agonize over log books or count calories.

Here’s a magic diet for you to follow.

When I’m a little too soft, I make sure I’m hungry throughout the day. If I’m hungry, then I’m losing fat. No, I don’t count calories.

If I’m too weak to train, then my cals are too low, so I’ll have a beet juice with BCAAs before and during my training session.

There you have it.

Seems to be working. Girls like me.

I don’t have to tell people I “work out” all of the time or carry around a gallon jug of water to prove that I really do go to the gym!

CrossFit First Rule of CrossFit

How can you get super jacked and ripped?

I’d follow the exact same “program” I currently follow.

Except I would add to my current TRT dose of 150-200 mgs of test:

  • 300 mg testosterone/week
  • 300 mg trenbolone/week
  • 300 mg masteron/week
  • T3/T4
  • (ECA stack or Clen)

Same program, same design, same principles + more gear = 20 pounds of lean body mass.

I’d play with carb depletion, mess with sodium, get some pictures taken, and pretend that’s how I look year round.

Even though I don’t have a program, I do have principles.

Those will be discussed on a later day. Yes, there is a right way and wrong way to structure your workout.

That’s how I train and eat.

It’s not for everybody.

Many people like structure.

You will never get super shredded doing it, since your body starts going insane as you approach (and hold) 10% body fat.

But it works for me.

Any questions?