I’m back from vacation with another podcast for your morning commute. (Check out Danger & Play on Soundcloud.) This time I’m flying solo and talking about how introverts can meet women and thrive in an extroverted world. In other words, it’s all about game for introverts.

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This podcast is a lead-in to what will be a very informative podcast with my co-host, Jay, who is extremely extroverted. In our next podcast we’ll discuss how to become more extroverted and how introverts and extroverts can learn to form a powerful team. (P.S. Don’t miss our podcast on personal finance.)

Covered in this podcast:

  • What is introversion? Why introversion is not misanthropy, shyness, or “Joe Cool Syndrome.”
  • What is the Big 5 personality traits and what does OCEAN stand for?
  • How can an introvert meet women?
  • What “look” should an introvert go for?
  • What are my thoughts about Chris from Good Looking Loser and Tanner from Masculine Style?
  • What body language can an introvert use that will make you irresistible to women?
  • 100 Ways to Break the Ice.
  • How can you build rapport by following the 60/40 rule?
  • How can you make a girl qualify herself and show she’s cool and not like everyone else?
  • Why everyone should read Pride and Prejudice.
  • What’s a game you can play that will make talking to extroverts more fun?
  • How can you use your skills as an introvert to thrive in an extroverted world?
  • How can you “warm up” before going out?
  • What is “knitting” and how can you use it to build group cohesion?
  • What are our next podcasts going to cover?

Even if you’re extroverted, you’ll appreciate this podcast because it will let you know how we introverts think. Also, a lot of the game tips for introverts also apply equally well to extroverts.

Post your comments and questions below.

What are some questions you have for me as an introvert? What do you want to ask my co-host about extraversion?

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