The men are weak and the women are conniving. All of them feel special. Few of them are:

“I hired a good number of young lawyers and, frankly, didn’t look for opportunities to hire young men; they had lots of self-esteem and damned little reason to have it. The young women weren’t nearly so cocky nor did they feel so entitiled. Many of the women would, however, try to trip you and beat you to the ground either to try to manipulate you with sex or just to set up winning the sexual harassment lottery. Few have any exposure to any competitive activity and have never been challenged so they really don’t know how to handle challenges. We mocked most upcoming hearings. The person assigned to the case put on the gist of their case and it was open season of them for the rest of the staff. I had several young lawyers just come apart and a couple even quit over their first exposure to having their head handed to them by an experienced advocate. You can come out of even good law schools these days with zero advocacy skill but still feeling very, very superior to mere mortals, especially mere mortals who didn’t go to law school.