Although Arnold Schwarzenegger tried re-writing history in his autobiography, he actually had a great time with women. In a fascinating expose on Venice Beach and bodybuilding subculture during the Golden Age, we learn about real caveman game:

There was no such check on his other hungers, though: He loved women, and he loved them in bulk. “We’re in this bank line once in Venice, and he’s making eyes at the teller, a big old girl with a huge ass,” says Dan Howard, a Mr. America entrant who managed Gold’s Gym for four years. “Arnold says, ‘You haff nice breasts; now please to turn around. . . . Ah, yes, I like your backside. Take my phone number.’ ”

Another time, Arnold brought a generously rumped skier to dinner at a crowded steakhouse. “He says to me, ‘Watch this,’ and throws her dress over her head; sure enough, she’s wearing no panties,” says Howard. “She runs sobbing from the place, then comes back in and says he told her not to wear any.”

There were parties at the place Arnold shared with Columbu, orgies at a Venice bungalow, and a nightclub stocked with beach girls that Waller ran as a kind of private reserve. Often enough, they didn’t have to leave the gym; women wandered in from the nude beach in Venice, wanting a private tour of the lockers. “They got it, too,” says Drasin, “though it wasn’t unheard of to bang ’em right there on the gym floor.”

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